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Bulls & Bears

Held to Celebrate the Kentucky Derby

History of the Cleveland Bulls and Bears

The investment club, which is a group of less than 100 individuals who meet periodically to make investment decisions, is a concept that began circulating in the early 1950s. It was in 1954 that Courtney Nelson, a Chattanooga broker, approached Tommy Randolph, Jimmy Corn, and Buddy Patten with the idea of starting an investment club in Cleveland.

After a few initial conferences among friends, the first official Bulls & Bears meeting was held in April 1954. The group elected President Tommy Randolph and dues were set at $12.50 a month: $10 for investment, $2.50 for food. Membership was limited to 25 young men (under age 40).

The club's very first investment was buying $250 worth of Delta Airlines stock in May 1954. The Bulls & Bears continue to invest in horses, football teams, and various other exciting endeavors.

Correspondence to the Bulls & Bears should be sent to:
483 Centenary Ave NW
Cleveland, TN 37311